Subdivision design is the art of dividing land into multiple parcels with the purpose of seeing what it has to offer. It takes into account applicable laws, local zoning requirements, environmental resources and more.

At Tucker Engineering, we know that each project is unique with its distinctive characteristics and challenges, and we have all the tools to deliver an aesthetic, functional and cost-effective design.

As a land surveyor and a subdivision design company based in Alabama, we have a highly-trained team of professionals that uses state-of-the-art equipment for your project.

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    Subdivision design & platting

    Tucker Engineering will ensure the precise and functional execution of your subdivision design project, taking into account elements such as:
    Assist with feasibility study
    A construction plan for your site
    Private & public utility planning & design
    Grading & Stormwater Management
    Construction cost estimates
    Consultation on civil engineering matters
    Permitting according to local regulations
    subdivision design
    A professional team with +25 years of experience

    Get your subdivision design with Tucker Engineering

    Our highly-experienced team of civil engineers and land surveyors will work closely with you to develop the preliminary plats, construction documents, and other platting documents required on all levels of property development. We understand that having a precise and functional subdivision design is crucial for the success of your project.

    For this reason, it's extremely important to choose an experienced team for your subdivision design and platting in Alabama, such as Tucker Engineering.

    Subdivision design services

    Tucker Engineering uses the latest land surveying and mapping technologies to generate your conceptual plan quickly and efficiently, describing elements such as contours, floodplains, soil types and more.

    To prepare your subdivision design, we will start by building a preliminary design that defines the scope of the project and gathers information about the design & permitting requirements.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequent questions and answers about subdivision design.

    What is subdivision design?

    Subdivision design is a type of planning prepared by a land surveyor that shows the division of a tract, lot, or a parcel of land for the purpose of selling individual land parcels.

    What does subdivision design include?

    A subdivision design typically includes a sketch plan to show the basic lot layout, a detailed preliminary plat to indicate footprints and specific measurements, and the final plat with the new lots.

    What is the main purpose of subdivision design?

    The main purpose of subdivision design is to divide a parcel of land into smaller, developable lots in order to drive profitability or distinguish a specific area legally.

    What are the benefits of subdivision?

    The benefits of subdivision are profits and flexibility. By dividing a parcel of land into smaller lots, you will not only have more assets to sell, but you will have more flexibility on what you want to do with your property.