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Tucker Engineering delivers professional Land Surveying services with state-of-the-art equipment

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We understand the importance of precise surveying and mapping for your project.
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Helping builders, contractors, and business owners in Centre, Alabama to safely move forward with their project is important to us. We provide complex and precise surveys to our clients so they can focus on their business and advance their development with the peace of mind that they are doing so properly, legally, and in the safest way possible.

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We integrate engineering design excellence with construction

A strong experience in construction

Our mission is to provide our customers with value through the provisioning of land surveying and civil engineering services, giving them the peace of mind they need for their project.

Our vision is to become your land surveying company of choice in Alabama through the combination of personalized approach with the latest technologies.

We understand that each project is unique and has its own challenges and difficulties. For this reason, we believe in the value of providing personalized services that adapt to the needs of each business.

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