Drone surveying and mapping is the art of capturing aerial data with an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), most commonly known as drone. It is an effective tool with a lot of uses cases in the construction industry, from monitoring progress to spotting mistakes or inaccuracies in plans and surveys. 

Drones use data from the Geographic Information Systems (GSI) with the purpose of visualizing and mapping out locations.

As an experienced drone surveying and mapping company in Alabama, Tucker Engineering is ready to help you and hear more about your project.

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    Drone surveying and mapping

    Tucker Engineering uses the latest drone equipment to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of your measurements. Depending on the project and the specific data needed for it, you can expect some of the following deliverables:
    3D point cloud
    Textured 3D models
    Digital Elevation Models
    Contour lines
    Digital terrain model (DTM)
    Digital surface models (DSM)
    Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
    drone mapping and surveying in alabama
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    Data collected from drone surveying and mapping can give you valuable insights for your construction project. For the last years, drones have been used successfully for urban planning, slope monitoring, land development and management, and cartography, among other use cases. They provide the advantage of capturing aerial data quickly, safely and precisely if the drone survey process has been executed correctly.

    For this reason, it's extremely important to choose an experienced team for drone surveying and mapping in Alabama, such as Tucker Engineering.
    drone mapping in alabama

    Drone mapping in Alabama

    Tucker Engineering uses the latest drone mapping and surveying equipment to collect valuable raw data and transform it into actionable information using GIS technology.

    Drone mapping and surveying enables us to build more precise topographic surveys, and construct 3D models of areas that are otherwise difficult to access and evaluate safely with traditional methods.



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequent questions and answers about drone mapping and surveying in Alabama.

    What is drone mapping?

    Drone mapping is a type of land survey that collects data using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), also known as drone, for the development of  projects. It enables the collection of raw data in a way that’s quicker, faster, and more precise compared to traditional methods.

    How does a drone survey work?

    A drone survey works by photographing the ground multiple times using downward-facing sensors with multispectral and RGB cameras in order to capture images. The drone will photograph the land from different perspectives and angles, tagging them with the exact coordinates so that all images can be later stitched together accurately.

    What does a drone surveyor do?

    A drone surveyor operates and guides the drone in order to obtain accurate 3D coordinates and aerial images that will later be analyzed for the correct execution of construction projects.

    How accurate are drones for surveying?

    Drone surveying and mapping solutions can elaborate surveys with different degrees of accuracy depending on the requirements that a project has.