Boundary surveys are an essential part of pre-construction due diligence because they define the physical boundaries of the property to avoid any possible conflicts or disputes in the future.

They are often required by many lenders or title companies to reduce transactional risk as they define the legal lines of the property.

Boundary surveys are usually performed before the purchase, split, improvement or construction on the land. They have to be conducted by a company specialized in land surveying such as Tucker Engineering, a land and boundary surveyor based in Alabama.

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    Boundary Surveys Elements

    As a highly-trained team of boundary survey professionals, Tucker Engineering is qualified to elaborate detailed boundary surveys that include:
    Registry research of deeds
    A deed sketch to define boundary lines
    Exploration of the property to determine corners
    Verification of data accuracy
    Detailed analysis of recollected data
    Preparation of the boundary survey plan
    Marking of property corners
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    One of the most important things when it comes to owning a property is knowing its legal boundaries. Failing to do so can not only lead to lawsuits and potential disputes, but may also result in violation of local codes and problems when it comes to transferring ownership.

    For this reason, it's essential not only to conduct the boundary survey before moving on with the project, but it's also important to select a reliable, experienced and highly trained boundary surveyor in Alabama such as Tucker Engineering. Unreliable or poor conducted surveys can lead to a series of legal problems for your business.
    boundary surveys in alabama

    Boundary surveys in Alabama

    Property boundary surveys define the perimeters of a property, establishing original property lines and retracing lines and corners of previously established property lines.

    They are based on boundary law principals combined with evidence gathered and studied during the survey. It may include divided property, fixed improvements, platting, and further descriptions of the property in question.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequent questions and answers about Boundary Surveys

    What is a boundary survey?

    A boundary survey is an official document prepared by a land surveyor that determines the legal perimeters of a property before its purchase, modification or development, with the purpose of avoiding conflicts or potential disputes.

    What is the cost of a boundary survey?

    The cost of a boundary survey will depend on a variety of factors, including the accessibility of the surveyed parcel, its shape and size, possible seasonal variations of important features, as well as the reason for requesting the survey.

    What is the difference between a land survey and a boundary survey?

    The difference between a land survey and a boundary survey is the scope of what they measure. A boundary survey is essentially a type of land survey that focuses on measuring the legal boundaries of a property, focusing largely on defining the corners of a parcel of land.

    How long do boundary surveys take?

    Boundary surveys may take from one day to up to three weeks, depending on a variety of factors such as the shape and size of the property, the accessibility of the surveyed land, the amount of data that needs to be collected, and more.